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    Yvresse, a spirit perfume signed Yves Saint Laurent



    Yvresse, a spirit perfume signed Yves Saint Laurent
    Yvresse, a spirit perfume signed Yves Saint Laurent

    Yvresse is a fragrance from the Yves Saint-Laurent house which saw the light of day in 1993. Also, like many products from this great Parisian house, it was subject to controversy. After all, isn’t that the hallmark of the famous fashion designer? This perfume was imagined for “happy, cheerful and light women who sparkle. “And for good reason… When it was marketed it was not called Yvresse but rather Champagne ! So take advantage, thanks to our site, it’s now or never to get a bottle full of small bubbles for cheap!

    The controversial story of Yvresse

    We are in 1993. Pierre Bergé then announced the release of a new fragrance from the Yves Saint Laurent house. This one will be called Champagne. Of course, it is described as having a sparkling fragrance and everything is thought to evoke the famous drink, even in its bottle. This is undeniably reminiscent of spirits and in particular its characteristic stopper comprising a plate and a muselet. If the ambition of Yves Saint-Laurent is simply to evoke the party and the nuptials, it quickly creates a scandal. Its name raises a number of disputes from champagne producers. Yves Saint-Laurent then thumbs his nose at his opponents by choosing to simply cross out his name with a line of lipstick. This is how this essence took the name of “perfumes without a name”. However, three years later, he decided to rename his juice and gave it the name of Yvresse. Thus, he imagined this word by making it begin with Y, the same letter as that of his first name, so as to mean that it was indeed his perfume. From then on, this juice was described as an ode to the festival celebrating the free and dancing woman. However, although this essence was controversial, we must recognize that it served him well and that it came out only stronger.

    Yves Saint Laurent offers us a sparkling and fruity glass

    Faced with the anger of the Interprofessional Committee of Champagne Wine, the Yves Saint Laurent house had to stop the production of Champagneto finally relaunch it under the name of Yvresse. However, its olfactory composition has remained unchanged. Its start is particularly fruity. It combines lychee and nectarine which gives it a particularly greedy side. It almost evokes the recklessness of childhood. However, this one is contrasted by the contribution of mint and star anise which does not lack sparkling. Her heart, meanwhile, is the most feminine. It highlights the Otto rose from Morocco, Yves Saint Laurent’s favorite. Then, the violet delivers its powdery appearance. Its more chypre background, on the other hand, becomes more sensual. The alliance of patchouli and oak moss gives it depth and highlights all its sophistication. Of course, its bottle similar to the cork of a champagne bottle has also been replaced. Yvresse is now contained in a box of The Collection of classic perfumes of the House. To be more precise, it is a very clean, thick glass cube. This one adopts an extreme simplicity and its beige color evokes that of the skin of a naked woman. L’Yvresse then transforms into a moment of almost erotic tenderness.