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    Yves Saint-Laurent’s essential Lip Liner



    Yves Saint-Laurent's essential Lip Liner
    Yves Saint-Laurent’s essential Lip Liner

    The Lip Liner, the essential to draw the outline of your mouth

    The lip liner suffered for a long time from its bad reputation in the late 90s. Indeed, the fashion then was to use a lip liner darker than that of your lipstick. Now, this little makeup tool is making a big comeback. However, it is no longer used the same way. From now on, the idea is simply to increase the hold and precision of your make-up, without however noticing the presence of a pencil line. Many beauty brands have therefore bowed to this new market trend. Yves Saint-Laurent is not left out and presents us his Lip Liner, an essential tool to enhance your pretty smile.

    The Lip Liner in a few words

    The Lip Liner is a new generation lip liner. It comes in 16 different shades that perfectly match the Yves Saint-Laurent lipsticks. The Lip Liner meets many faces. It can highlight your pretty smile, color it, hem its outline, or simply be used to create an optical illusion to adjust the size of your mouth and structure your face. The Lip Linerglides perfectly on the skin, which greatly facilitates its use. It is applied with a controlled gesture and provides a particularly precise finish. Lip Liner has the property of increasing the adhesion of lipstick. Thus, it can serve as a unifying basis. What’s more, by drawing the outline of your mouth with a Lip Liner, you will prevent your lipstick from drifting into the folds of your skin. Its formula is particularly soft and creamy, and its color persists for six hours. In addition, the Lip Liner is also water resistant, which guarantees exceptional resistance.

    How to properly apply Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Liner

    The Yves Saint-Laurent Lip Liner has two different tips. At one of its ends, its pencil will allow you to draw the outline of your mouth. On the other side, the Lip Liner blender will allow you to blend and soften its color. Note that it also comes with a pencil sharpener. From then on, you will have all the tools in your possession to do your makeup like a professional. For perfectly defined lips, we recommend that you apply your pencil to the contour of your lips. To simply enhance the color of your makeup, use the Lip Liner instead as a base on all of your lips. This will strengthen the hold of your lipstick by giving it a more pigmented color. Finally, to shape your mouth, just draw the outline of your lips slightly wider than they actually are. From the outset, they will appear much fuller. With all these little tips, no one will be able to resist your most beautiful asset: your smile!