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    Yves Saint Laurent Velvet perfume



    Yves Saint Laurent Velvet perfume
    Yves Saint Laurent Velvet perfume

    The delicacy of Velvet at the heart of the new Yves Saint-Laurent fragrance

    In 2015, the Yves Saint-Laurent house embarked on a new olfactory project aimed at transforming the creator’s cult pieces into exceptional perfumes. Thus, five juices with very evocative names made their appearance: Caftan, Trench, Caban, Tuxedo, Saharienne. However, the news has just fallen and this assortment could well extend to three new fragrances. Prepare to welcome Leather, Velvet and Vinyl . But in the meantime, how about taking a look at the sweetest of them? Focus on the new Velours fragrance.

    The dark side of Yves Saint-Laurent

    If the Vestiaire de Parfums collection put the spotlight on iconic pieces of Yves Saint-Laurent fashion, this time it is the clothes typical of a Parisian in the heart of the night that are in the spotlight. Velours is a unisex fragrance whose aromas are at the same time daring, elegant and very sensual. What’s more, the rock ‘n’ roll side of Yves Saint-Laurent hasn’t been left out either and Velours turns out to be somewhat sassy.

    Velvet, a sweet fragrance like a caress

    Also, it was the famous perfumer Carlos Benaïm that the Yves Saint-Laurent house called on to develop the Velours perfume. This turns out to be particularly tricky. He associates the elegance of the sign with the softness of a caress. The whole is at the same time woody, amber and deep. Nevertheless, the vanilla illuminates the whole with its exotic warmth. Velours begins with a very energizing and sassy blend of black tea and pepper. Thus, velvet set similar to a real boost in everyday life. Its heart, meanwhile, turns out to be more elegant thanks to the presence of jasmine, iris and frankincense. Finally, it all ends with a sensual presence of amber and musk.