Wild Ocean, the new Courrèges men’s fragrance



Wild Ocean, the new Courrèges men's fragrance
Wild Ocean, the new Courrèges men’s fragrance

Wild Ocean, a new sea diving offered by Courrèges

Men have always been naturally drawn to all fresh scents. In the past, before they even had a proper perfume, they used to perfume themselves with Eau de Cologne. Male freshness is therefore part of our olfactory heritage. This is why men tend to appreciate all essences of aquatic origin. Well aware of this, the Courrèges house reveals a brand new fragrance, as if straight from the ocean. This new bluish essence offers us an unprecedented cruise. Welcome aboard the Wild Ocean de Courrèges!

Courrèges and the aquatic universe, a great love story

Wild Ocean is far from being a first oceanic creation by Courrèges. Indeed, the sea and the aquatic environment in general seem to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the brand. Moreover, in 2016, Courrèges had made a lot of talk about it by developing a high-end yacht, with a very sleek design, simply called White Ocean, a name that is reminiscent of this new juice. The construction of this luxurious boat was the result of 4000 hours of work and stands out from other boats of its kind by its futuristic look, very different from the usually classic codes of the yachting world. So, let’s take a closer look if Courrèges has shown so much daring in this new fragrance

Wild Ocean offers itself a bottle very different from the usual style of Courrèges

On the bottle side, Wild Ocean has a very refined contemporary style. If the brand had accustomed us to spherical shaped containers, this time, the look of Wild Ocean is much stricter. It is a sturdy and very thick glass cube, resting on a solid base, and an absolute guarantee of masculinity. Some more designer reliefs are nevertheless displayed on its front face. Blue, meanwhile, floods this bottle. Of course, it evokes the color of the ocean. What is more, it is also a color widely used in men’s perfumery, renowned for its universal reach. The name of Wild Ocean is inscribed on the right side of this perfume, in a writing in capital letters, and in a gradient evolving from white to gray.

The very maritime smell of Wild Ocean

All the oceanic power of this juice is revealed from the first notes of this perfume. Wild oceanImmediately plunges us into the heart of the waves, starting with an accord of sea water. Its freshness is at the same time lively, aquatic and slightly salty. Then, his heart is more sandy. The image that is then created in memory and that of a postcard: a warm sandy beach cradled by the freshness of the sea waves. The land stopover only lasted a short time and the Courrèges boat quickly took to the sea. The base of Wild Ocean is marked by a strong odor of ambroxan, a synthetic molecule close to ambergris, a substance spat out by the sperm whale and taking its final scent at the mercy of the waves, the salt and the sun. Despite the apparent simplicity of its recipe, Wild Ocean fragrance shows undeniable richness.