Si Passione: The new Armani fragrance



Si Passione: The new Armani fragrance
Si Passione: The new Armani fragrance

Si Passione d’Armani, all the ardor of ardent love

The first Si d’Armani perfume was created in 2013, mixing mystery and emotion in a delicate and refined trail. “Sì is my homage to modern femininity,” Giorgio Armani once said. He is “an irresistible blend of grace, strength and the spirit of independence”. Today, the Italian brand has decided to reinterpret this great classic of perfumery and make it a more sulphurous and sensual fragrance. Armani is betting more than ever on seduction to capsize the hearts of women. Si Passione is now adorned with a pretty flaming red color. He intends to raise the temperature in the feminine fragrances department!

Si Passione the perfume of a sensual and charismatic woman

Once again, Armani’s new Si Passione perfume will be embodied by Australian actress Cate Blanchett. This essential Hollywood figure has been the face of this perfumed collection since 2013. The pretty blonde’s first collaboration with the Italian brand had caused a lot of ink to flow, because the advertising campaign had nevertheless brought her the tidy sum of 10 million dollars!

No one knows what is the new cachet of the last images shot for Si Passione. Anyway, we have to admit that the new Armani red fits this woman of character like a glove! Cate Blanchett gives us all her faces at once. She also confides in being in perfect agreement with Armani, and feeling in her “a new desire to experiment”. Passion never ceases to animate her and it is therefore precisely this that inspired the creation of the new Si Passione.

Armani’s bottle all dressed in red

From then on, red has established itself as an obvious color for this perfume. This powerful and warm shade embodies many paradoxes. She is a symbol of love, anger, sensuality, danger, prohibition and ardor. So that’s all that we find in this perfume. For the occasion, Si Passione transforms the Armani bottle, and gives it a dazzling color. The silhouette of its bottle has remained essentially the same, but its fascinating red immediately makes you want to discover what is hidden there. If Passione is not made to leave you indifferent!

Si Passione, a seductive, fruity and floral fragrance

But then, what about its scent? Si Passione relies on a luminous and sensual composition. The idea through him is to symbolize strength, charisma and seduction. Si Passione starts off with a fiery and fresh accord of pink pepper, pear and blackcurrant. Her femininity, meanwhile, shines through her heart. Rose, jasmine and heliotrope give it a certain romanticism. Finally, Si Passione ends with a more woody base of cedar coated with warm and exotic vanilla. Si Passione comes in three different formats, namely 30, 50 and 100 ml.