Serge Lutens – The Orphan



Serge Lutens - The Orphan
Serge Lutens – The Orphan

The house Serge Lutens unveils its new 2014 fragrance in the Noire collection …

The Orphan

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“For a child, the world comes down to three people, himself, his mother and his father. Without everyone making a choice as clear-cut as mine, everyone will be dependent on it for their entire life ”.

Serge Lutens’ choice: “Not the mother, her injury, I was carrying it. It is undoubtedly an identification ”.

Perfume L’Orpheline by Serge Lutens

The delicacy and beauty of dust. This perfume is the time that settles, unseen, in the form of a tiny film of dust.

Serge Lutens - The Orphan
Serge Lutens – The Orphan

This perfume is the beauty, delicacy and lightness of dust, the image of ballet slippers hanging from little Paris rats.

Purity of childhood.It belongs to childhood, to purity, to what is most crystalline in an adult who would have retained this spirit.

It is a “White Spirit”, a stardust.

A conceptual visual, whose letters of the perfume represent a crystal tightrope walker, holding the baguette bottle in his hand, both light and fragile. A female representation of Serge Lutens. This gray color evokes ashes once they are cold. Volatile, friable.

Crumbly but whole. Half a word, his name cracks. Before the breaking, the first two syllables bear the name of the poet who even could charm the stones.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Oriental – Ash

Head note: Incense.

Heart note: Musk.

Base note: Castoreum.

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