Robert Pattinson’s perfume



Robert Pattinson's perfume
Robert Pattinson’s perfume

When we talk about a sexy perfume, we instantly think of a feminine essence, and yet… Dior Homme is a juice that clearly plays in this register. It is worn as one wears a suit with elegance. It is both contemporary and very refined, revealing a soft signature of iris worked on the masculine.

Man’s elegance according to Dior

Dior Homme is a fragrance that is both simple and unique. In this case, it is like the brand’s men’s wardrobe. It is worked with extreme precision and is not burdened with any superfluous artifice. With him, Dior has in no way sought to imitate the trend. This perfume creates its own style and its own chemistry. It is halfway between gentleness and virility, elegance and mystery. A sign par excellence of luxury perfumery, its entire construction is based on the iris, one of the noblest ingredients of the perfumer’s entire palette. This masculine juice symbolizes all the quintessence of the Dior spirit, marvelously combining elegance, classicism and modernity. In this sense, this perfume is simply timeless.

The luxurious scent of Dior Homme

The architecture of Dior Homme is quite refined. Its major element is none other than the iris. This flower then expresses itself with prudish elegance. However, it comes with other ingredients. The top notes of Dior Homme are notably full of Italian bergamot, lavender and sage. It thus releases a zesty, sparkling and aromatic side. Its heart, meanwhile, juxtaposes cocoa and amber. Its bottom, on the other hand, displays all its virility. The masculinity of this essence is reflected in vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from Indonesia. Everything is then contained in an innovative bottle. It is a solid block of glass with clean lines in which a steel tube is immersed. This showcase is the result of unparalleled technical work. It is then matched with a silver ring expressingall the luxury of the Dior brand .