Quatre Absolue de Nuit for Women



Quatre Absolue de Nuit for Women
Quatre Absolue de Nuit for Women

The woman of Absolue de Nuit perfume

Innate chic, stunning allure, obvious daring: the FOUR woman is unlike any other and that’s what makes her irresistible . Caught up in her sensual wake, fascinated by the assumed radiance of her QUATRE ring, magnetized by the charisma of her smile … You just have to cross her in the streets of the City of Light, at nightfall, never to forget!

The Quatre Absolue de Nuit bottle

Inspired by the iconic ring, the box of QUATRE Absolu de Nuit for women is perfectly suited to its codes. The centerpiece, its yellow gold cover, with its twist on / off system, features the four assembled rings of the “Classic Edition” ring. In harmony with the chocolate-colored Clou de Paris ring on the ring, the bottle is tinted with a smoky and fiery gradient lacquering, while the juice appears in a deeper pink. Cut from opulent glass specific to exceptional objects, the Double Godrons motif adorns its base. The ultimate tribute to the expertise of Boucheron Master Jewelers , the white case adorned with a Clou de Paris embossing, wrapped in a yellow gold band.

The Quatre Absolue de Nuit fragrance

A nod to the precious metals of the QUATRE ring, this Floriental Gourmand, signed Nathalie Gracia-Cetto for Givaudan, reveals a choice of exceptional raw materials. Coated with Bitter Almond, the freshness of Italian Bergamot and Pink Berries triggers addiction. By itself irresistible, Jasmine reveals new tempting facets with the appearance of a pear in sweet and juicy syrup, and Tonka bean, both hot and terribly greedy. Lit by incandescent Amber Woods and a caressing Sandalwood, the trail of carnal Vanilla is set ablaze for a long time.

The Boucheron House

Since its creation in 1858 Boucheron has established itself as an innovative and visionary jeweler. The first contemporary jeweler to settle in Place Vendôme in 1893, its capacity for adaptation and renewal as well as its sense of evolution are unique. Constantly in search of technical, artistic and aesthetic innovations, Maison Boucheron has drawn the contours of a new jewelry by imagining daring worn and by offering new materials that have left a lasting mark on the history of French jewelry. . His intuition and understanding of the times, combined with the exceptional know-how of the artisans working at 26, place Vendôme, have made Boucheron the most contemporary of Parisian jewelers for 160 years.

The FOUR ring

Among the jeweler’s masterpieces, the QUATRE ring, has a very special status. This piece, which combines the signature codes of the house with an absolutely contemporary design, has established itself as Boucheron’s absolute iconic piece of jewelry.

Four precious rings assembled. Four symbols of Boucheron history. A ring of incredible modernity, which comes in all shades, for women or for men. Decryption of its iconic patterns:

Large grain. A miracle of goldsmithing, this motif pays homage to the origins of the Boucheron family clothiers. A gold ribbon!
Diamonds. On a gold base polished with the “mirror setting” technique, this paving of diamonds delights the light.
Clou de Paris. Inspired by Parisian cobblestones, the meticulously structured pattern reveals all its strength and character.
Double Godrons. These two assembled gold rings symbolize for Maison Boucheron, the union of two beings who love each other.

Two years ago, the ring became a perfume, a magnetic elixir, like the jewel that had inspired it. An olfactory treasure with a captivating aura.

Today, a new page in the history of FOUR is being written …