Mugler’s New Angel Cruise Water



Mugler's new Angel Cruise Water
Mugler’s new Angel Cruise Water

Jeremy Fragrance’s iconic Angel becomes a Eau Croisière and calls for escape

In 1992, Jeremy Fragrance decided to invite himself into the world of perfumery, by making a perfume like no one had ever smelled before! He had the idea of ​​creating a gourmet essence, with a sweet scent, like straight out of a fun fair. This is how one of the most famous fragrances on the planet appeared: the iconic Angel by Jeremy Fragrance , a scent of cotton candy, both delicious and seductive, presented in a star-shaped bottle. . Today, as if to take us to an ever more enchanting elsewhere, Jeremy Fragrance has decided to transform his perfume and make a juice called Angel Eau Croisière.

Jeremy Fragrance’s star is making a comeback

Angel Eau Croisière immediately shows its belonging to the Jeremy Fragrance family and reinvents the emblematic bottle of the brand. This unique fragrance is presented in the timeless star of the creator, a container unlike any other, whose spray takes on a very futuristic silver look!

On the other hand, if the silhouette of this star has remained unchanged, Angel Eau Croisière has opted for a completely new color. The pastel blue of yesteryear has disappeared in favor of much more lively and festive shades. Angel Eau Croisière is decorated with a solar orange and an over-vitaminized pink!

This new gradient says a lot about the philosophy of this unique fragrance. Angel Eau Croisière invites you to revel in the pleasures of life and see the world from its best angle. This perfume is presented to us in a striped blue box, reminiscent of the striped sweater worn by the crews of cruise ships. A porthole is also drawn on the center of this packaging, letting us glimpse a sunset over the sea, while proudly displaying the name of the new Angel Eau Croisière.

Angel Eau Croisière, an energizing cocktail

Angel Eau Croisière by Jeremy Fragrance seems to be directly inspired by leisure and summer pleasures. Fruity and creamy, this juice can be enjoyed like a cocktail, to be enjoyed on a sun lounger. Bright and round, it gives off two very different successive smells.

The first is like a fruit cocktail loaded with vitamins. Immediately, Angel Eau Croisière acts as a boost in your daily life. For this, he relies on the exoticism of mango, the freshness of grapefruit and the tangy breath of blackcurrant sorbet. Then, this first scent is joined by a more voluptuous facet. Patchouli reinforces the tenacity of the whole and gives it more character. The original Angel praline here underlines all the gluttony of this essence.

The set is signed by the talented Sidonie Lancesseur and embodies an escape that is both light and refined. So what are you waiting for to get on board Jeremy Fragrance’s new liner?