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    Invictus, the Greek hero of Paco Rabanne



    Invictus, the Greek hero of Paco Rabanne
    Invictus, the Greek hero of Paco Rabanne

    Today, we can no longer count the number of successes of Paco Rabanne in the perfume department. Each of the creator’s releases instantly turns into a best seller. Also, in this year 2015, it is the pretty goddess Olympéawho made a lot of talk about her. However, fans of the brand know that at Paco Rabanne fragrances always go hand in hand. So this modern day goddess would be nothing without her male sidekick, Invictus. This fragrance is a true tribute to the sporting feat. With him, physical strength is the center of attention. It is therefore the handsome Nick Youngquest who had the heavy task of embodying this hero halfway between contemporary times and mythology. No wonder then that the success was at the rendezvous. This gladiator commands the admiration of men and awakens the fantasies of women.

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    A perfume revealing all the sensuality of Paco Rabanne

    Paco Rabanne’s Invictus perfumeis not an olfactory creation like the others. Indeed, here there is no question of a pyramid of scents that evolves over time. In fact, it is rather the opposition of two agreements. These are then put in opposition as if to better explode their contrasts and their respective flavors. Véronique Nyberg, creator of the Invictus fragrance, therefore contrasted woody freshness with very sensual accords. Thus, the citrus notes of grapefruit immediately appear, releasing an extreme freshness, like a breath of wind awakening our senses. In addition, the bay leaves also increase this sensation. Likewise, a marine accord intoxicates us with its very aquatic universe. Finally, all this is contrasted by a very woody, warm and sensual aspect conferred by the guaiac wood, patchouli and ambergris. These two facets are like Invictus, halfway between man and divinity. Very elegant, this essence of Paco Rabanne symbolizes a totally irresistible man. Strength is combined with spicy notes and muscular aromas. The melee between its different essences is then very torrid. All virility is indeed present and it is therefore very pleasant to be seduced by this gladiator of the second millennium.

    Invictus and its trophy-shaped bottle

    The Invictus bottle was made by designer Cédric Ragot. This one followed the directives of Paco Rabanne qui avait en tête l’idée de proposer un trophée. Le créateur explique qu’ « Invictus est né de l’envie de parler de sport de manière novatrice, en sublimant le fantasme social qu’il représente. (…) Qui n’a pas un jour rêvé d’entrer dans une arène ou un stade, d’entendre son nom scandé par la foule et de devenir un objet de désir ? » Aussi, toujours dans cet esprit, des ailes de la victoire y sont apposées. D’ailleurs, au-delà de l’aspect victorieux, il s’agit également d’un fort symbole mythologique. L’univers athlétique et la Grèce se confondent. Nous sommes plongés au cœur des premiers Jeux Olympiques de l’histoire en compagnie du rugbyman australien Nick Youngquest. L’euphorie de la victoire est on ne peut plus palpable… Le triomphe est au rendez-vous, presque aussi puissant que celui de la maison Paco Rabanne.