Four Absolute of Night for Men



Four Absolute of Night for Men
Four Absolute of Night for Men

The Man Four Absolute of Night

Absolutely mysterious, he is not one of those who tell his story. He prefers style to words and doesn’t have to go overboard to get noticed. A few striking details, its contemporary allure, its QUATRE ring, its insolent wake signify its assertive personality.

The bottle of Quatre Absolue de Nuit pour Homme

Inspired by the iconic QUATRE “Black Edition” ring, the case of QUATRE Absolu de Nuit for men perfectly reflects its codes. A true collector’s item, its cover, with its twist on / off system, pays homage to the four rings assembled from the eponymous ring. Without ever separating from its bottle! In harmony with the black Clou de Paris ring, the bottle displays a smoky black lacquer and gradient, while the juice takes on a deep blue-lavender hue. Cut from opulent glass, specific to exceptional objects, the Clous de Paris motif adorns its base. The ultimate reference to the expertise of Boucheron Master Jewelers, the black case, encircled by a silver band, uses the Clou de Paris embossing.

Boucheron’s Absolue de Nuit fragrance for men

Woody Oriental Spicy, QUATRE Absolu de Nuit plays with daring contrasts and radical biases in the first Eau de Parfum for men in the QUATRE franchise. An insolence made possible by the quality of raw materials and the refined work of perfumer Jacques Huclier for Givaudan. Quickly, the fragrance takes off in a splash of Italian Lemon, with a charisma reinforced by aromatic touches of Sage and Lavender. Around Akigalawood, a captive signed Givaudan that captures the spicy vibration of Patchouli, Black Pepper and Nutmeg thrill the senses. A sensual tension sets in between the wake of burning woods, Cedar and Vetiver, and the provocative languor of Black Vanilla. The addiction is irremediable.

The campaign of Quatre Absolue de Nuit

Night falls on Paris. The city is calm. Too calm for the intrepid couple FOUR. The FOUR man plays with his iconic ring. Suddenly grabbed by a desire for freedom, the FOUR woman grabs it and slips it on her finger, before running up the stairs. Intrigued, the Man follows her to Place Vendôme. In the ardent wake of FOUR Absolute of Night, each on their own motorbike, they go without looking back to conquer the City of Light. The night is theirs!