Dior Fluid Foundation Brush n ° 12



Fluid Foundation Brush n ° 12
Fluid Foundation Brush n ° 12

It was just after the Second World War that Christian Dior founded his fashion house . Symbol of renewal and freedom, its “New Look” style embodies the new Dior style. In 1947, he also released his first perfume in tribute to his sister Catherine “Miss Dior”. Despite the death of Christian Dior, the brand has kept its know-how and the soul of its collections. In 1969, the Dior brand launched a range of cosmetics, using the same technology as for its perfumes and clothing. Here, Dior presents us with an essential accessory, the fluid foundation brush N ° 12.

Fluid Foundation Brush N ° 12

From Dior expertise , the brush for fluid foundation N ° 12is intended for the application of fluid and creamy foundation. The brush N ° 12 is equipped with innovative fibers combining the nervousness of the synthetic with the softness of the natural. Its hairs, then degraded and tapered, allow the material to be stretched with delicacy. Make-up is meant to be simple and easily melts on your face. Its tuft of bristles is also soft and bevelled, which makes it possible to work so as to melt the material much more easily. The finish is then covering and totally luminous. For a perfect application, it is advisable to take a small amount of foundation with the brush. Then apply in massage with small circular movements, then stretch the material from the center to the outside of the face. As a touch-up, apply by patting on areas requiring more coverage.

The know-how of the Dior house

The skin is like a canvas, which is sublimated with make-up. She demands the best of paintbrushes. For this, the Dior house collaborates with Raphaël, master of the artist’s brush. Since its creation in 1793 in Paris, the Raphaël company has imposed its know-how derived from traditional methods. Each brush is made by hand and requires the expertise of around thirty people, from assembling the bristles to combing, from shaping to quality control. It is the assurance of perfect brushes for your skin.

So that your foundation is perfectly unified, the house of Dior uses the best of technology. Its soft and bevelled brush offers a perfect shape to apply the material. For a completely covering and luminous finish, the N ° 12 Dior brush is undoubtedly the one you need!