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    Diesel – Loverdose Red Kiss



    Loverdose Red Kiss Diesel
    Loverdose Red Kiss Diesel

    Diesel is launching a new feminine perfume in April 2015. This new fragrance is a continuation of the perfumes in the Loverdose collection. Which includes Loverdose Eau de Parfum launched in 2011 and Loverdose Eau de Toilette (2012) and the Loverdose Tattoo range available in Eau de Parfum (2013) and Eau de Toilette (2014).

    Loverdose Red Kiss Diesel

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    Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss Eau de Parfum promises a thrilling and unbridled experience “Are you ready for the perfect kiss… the one that breathes life into your heart?”

    Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss visual
    Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss visual

    Perfume – Loverdose Red Kiss

    Loverdose Red Kiss is a real weapon of mass seduction. Indeed it is an incredible aphrodisiac. It opens with sensual notes of orange blossom which leads to the gourmet heart of the perfume with notes of cocoa beans and a woody base, camphorated thanks to the patchouli.

    Women only use 30% of their seductive power… what if they use 100%?

    Experience the Loverdose Red kiss effect.

    The fragrances of the Loverdose range are truly captivating essence that make the wearer irresistible and those who approach them mad with love.

    Bottle – Loverdose Red Kiss

    The bottle is heart-shaped in red tinted glass, darker at the base and then fading as it goes.

    Ad Loverdose Red Kiss Diesel
    Ad Loverdose Red Kiss Diesel

    Advertising – Loverdose Red Kiss

    The Loverdose Red Kiss advertising campaign features three women and three men. The women are put forward she are standing, sexy and evokes desire while the men are seated and spectator of their charms. The background of the advertisement is unstructured; we can see fragments of a male body entangled with the gray background of the poster.

    Olfactory Family: Gourmand

    Head Note: Orange Blossom
    Heart Note: Cocoa Beans
    Base Note: Patchouli

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