Armani Code, a new look at man



Armani Code, a new look at man
Armani Code, a new look at man

Armani Code is Giorgio Armani’s first masculine oriental fragrance . Also, the respect of the strict codes imposed by the house during its conception makes it a perfume in which every man can easily identify. The latter is sensual and chic, while being relaxed. Its scent is revealed little by little on the skin, and thus becomes almost intimate. Virility shines through in the man who wears it and his power of seduction then becomes very magnetic.

The Armani human code

Armani is a fashion house with an always impeccable styleand which meets strict rules. Also, when Armani imagined this perfume, he wanted to take these rules and apply them to his perfume sector. In this way, Armani Code is a perfume in total adequacy with the spirit of the brand. According to the designer, the simplicity of the lines, the sobriety of the colors, the perfection of the detail, and the comfort of the materials are essential elements when designing a product. They are the ones who then define the code of elegance seen by Armani. Also, according to the house, a black suit is much more attractive than any other garment. Likewise, there is no need to burden yourself with superfluous elements when attention to detail is what really sublimates an outfit. Also, a masculine and elegant perfume is part of this kind of detail which does not go unnoticed and sublimates a man. It adds to them a part of refinement and a natural charisma that no woman can resist. What is more, his oriental facet only adds sensuality and mystery to this man who is already so coveted.

Armani Code, Armani’s first oriental fragrance

Armani Code begins with the dynamism of citrus notes. In particular, you can smell citron, a small southern citrus fruit that gives the fragrance a false air of Cologne. Then, the Mediterranean sensation continues through the scent of olive blossom and star anise. Likewise, the whole is enhanced with a hint of aromatics. The base of Armani Code is also very assertive and also consists of guaiac wood with a slightly smoky smell softened by a hot and sensual tonka bean.
Armani Code is then contained in a very sober bottle. The latter has an off-center shape and elegant stature. It is lacquered in an intense midnight blue that can evoke the lapel of a tuxedo. At the same time, its stopper is completely matt. It is imposing but no less refined and respects the whole class of the universe of Armani Code.

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