About Me

Hello everyone, myself Aayush Moza currently a college student and travel blogger. I am from Jammu and Kashmir and love to travel and explore new places. Most probably I am going to be an engineer in electronics and telecommunication from a reputed college in Maharashtra.

why I started searchises?

My reason to start searchises was to tell people more about our incredible World. In searchises, I provide you with the places you should visit. I enhance the places in a wide range of details. If you are a travel addict, I am always there to help you with my travel blogs. I provide you a long briefing of places that you should surely keep on your list from a 2-day trip to 2 weeks stay you can find every type of place in my blogs.

Reason to choose travel blogging?

I have always been addicted to traveling. I love to write about places which are the best and suit everyone. Travelling has always been one of the best things one can do in his life also the things that you get to know after exploring a place gives you a different type of inner peace. Travelling keeps us calm makes us more adventurous and more eager to explore more and more. That’s the reason I started to travel blogging.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/aayushmoza_22/