8 best things you should know before visiting Dalhousie in 2021

Collect all the moments of your life in one of the best hill stations in India. India is world-wide popular for its ethereal beauty , extraordinary landscapes and beautiful climate. Most of the hill stations in India were developed by Britishers and we’re popular as their summer capitals.

snow over houses

Dalhousie, a hill station situated on 5 hills is one of the most adorable travel destinations in India. It was set up by Britishers in 1854. It contrasts from slope stations like shimla and mussoorie on account of its charm. Snowfall is a quiet add-on to its beauty. Here is a list of top 10 things you can do in Dalhousie:

Visit Khajjiar- The mini Switzerland

snowy mountains

Considering a place named “the mini Switzerland” completely characterizes its beauty. Khajjiar, a tiny hill town, is a big package of adventure, nature, wildlife and culture. The hill station is surrounded by forests. Khajjiar is quite famous for its snowfall, Khajjiar lake, panch pandav tree, wildlife sanctuary and much more. It is located at a distance of 20km from Dalhousie. The best time to visit khajjiar is summers. It is a perfect place to spend time with your loved ones.

Visit waterfall in Panchpula


Panchpula has always been one of the most famous places in Dalhousie. People popularly visit for its picture perfect views, refreshing waterfalls and adventures. The panchpula waterfall is well known in the list of ayurvedic waterfalls. You can try rock climbing as a sort of thrilling activity. It is probably the best place to reach out to the beautiful nature and see it’s creations. They also have some restaurants for the sake of your tummy.

Heaven for bikers, Sach pass

sach pass

Sach pass is one of the most incredible and exotic places you can visit in Dalhousie. It is a 4414 meter high mountain pass. The view from top is quite stunning and fascinating. It is one of the most dangerous passes in India. Sach pass is the best trip for bikers and off-roading lovers filled with challenges and astonishing views. There is also a temple at the top of sach pass.

The snowy peak, Dainkund peak

snowy peaks

Dainkund peak is a must visit place in Dalhousie. The beautiful snowy peaks and lush green surroundings attracts many tourists every year. It’s also popular because of its small and beautiful little trek which is quite worthy. The trek is about 1.5km and accessible to everyone. In winters it has a complete cover of snow which makes the trek a bit challenging. It is truly the heaven for photographers.

The beautiful Chamera lake

beautiful view of Chamera lake

India is home to several delightful lakes which are sights for sore eyes most definitely. Chamera lake is a well-known attraction of Dalhousie. The crystal clear water and lovely scenic beauty are really an eye relaxing experience. You can also enjoy the speed boat rides which is really a great and memorable experience in itself. You can also walk around the lake and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The seven springs, Satdhara falls

Satdhara Falls

The dazzling Satdhara Falls in the Dalhousie area of Himachal Pradesh is loaded up with grand magnificence and a quiet atmosphere. The Satdhara fall gets its name from the seven wonderful springs. Satdhara falls gives a brilliant encounter to the visitors, who are looking for harmony and peacefulness. Satdhara falls is a picturesque spot. You can see snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and amazing springs.

Shop in Tibetan market


Happiness is not in money but it’s in the things that money can buy. Shopping is the best activity that one can do in Tibetan market. Tibetan market is a place where you can always find something that you want. The Tibetan market is quite famous for its handicrafts, woollen clothes, colourful carpets and beautiful jewellery. The things that we shop always refreshes the memory of that place.

Visit the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary


Exploring wildlife has always been one of the best things. Wildlife sanctuaries are generally for the sake of endangered species of flora and fauna. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary is located at Khajjiar and covers an area of 30.69km. The sanctuary has a variety of animals like bear, leopard, jackal and many more. The area is also well known for its trekking traits.

Dalhousie is one of the most visited places of India. Its adventures, beautiful places make it worth visiting with family and friends. The above places are the top 8 best places of Dalhousie in India so make sure to give a visit.