MAHABALESHWAR ! Never thought the experience would be like this

Mahabaleshwar is one of the most visited and most beautiful hill stations of India . It’s located in Maharashtra and has always been a great destination for tourist visits due to its awesome nature , calmness and adventures.

To show the beautiful view of Mahabaleshwar.

Want to visit one of the true natural hubs of earth then what is stopping you , just visit the mahabaleshwar one of the most beautiful hill stations in India and explore the significance of nature in the following destinations .

Pratapgad fort

To show the ancient Pratapgad fort.

The evergreen history of Battle of Pratapgad revolves around this beautiful tourist destination . The Pratapgad fort is one of the major attractions of Mahabaleshwar . The fort is also known as Valour Fort. This epic fort was built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort generally has a day time visit and if you love trekking you should surely visit the fort , it’s a complete package of history with adventure . It speaks of the glory of Maratha rule.

Venna lake

To show one of the beautiful lake of Mahabaleshwar .

Lakes have always been a great tourist attraction because of their calmness and the beautiful view they provide. Venna lake holds the same as it is one of the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar. The lake is surrounded by a lot of greenery by the trees . I recommend you to experience the boat rides and horse rides . The lake was constructed by Shri Appasaheb Maharaj, one of the rulers of Satara. There are also small eateries to take care of your tummy.

Elphinstone point

To show the beautiful Elphinstone point.

Nature always gives a beautiful view for photography. Elphinstone point , for me this attraction is not less than visiting a destination abroad . The scenery that we get from the top of the hill is mind blowing and that’s the reason it’s one of the main attractions of Mahabaleshwar. The point gives a great view for photoholic people . It’s a great place to explore Mahabaleshwar more and more . I personally recommend you to visit this place during monsoon season.

Lodwick point

To show the beautiful lodwick point.

There are some of the points of Mahabaleshwar which have extraordinary scenic beauties and lodwick point is one of them . One of the most beautiful attractions of Mahabaleshwar is quite famous for its sunset view. The monument present at the spot reveals why this spot is called Lodwick Point. The place is also good for trekking . You should also reach the elephant head point, it gives an awesome feeling being there .

Arthur seat

To show the Arthur seat

Arthur’s seat in Mahabaleshwar has always been a place worth visiting. Arthur’s seat has always been popular among the tourists. The view from this point is lushful during the monsoon. You can experience the cold wind in hot summer. The Pratapgad fort is also visible from here. Lot of eateries are available on the way to the Arthur seat to take care of your tummy. You can see the Savitri river from here in between the valleys. If you have time I recommend you to stay till sunset and enjoy the beautiful view.

Parsi point

To show the beautiful view of Parsi point.

I never thought that this point would give me the ultimate level of calmness . Parsi points out that beauty is the main reason for having large tourism. It is a very beautiful garden for getting one step closer to nature .The Hilly surroundings contribute a lot to its beauty. It provides an awesome scenic view. Don’t miss the sunset as it is the best time to visit the point. The cool winds blow even at the hottest periods of the day. Winters are the best to visit here .

Lingmala waterfall point 

I can assure you that you can never compare Lingmala waterfall point to any of the natural hubs . Lingmala waterfall point is a totally mesmerizing point . The view of the waterfall, valley, and mountains is so adorable that you can even fall in love with this place . You can have a great day here with your friends, family and also your loved ones . You can find fresh air and a peaceful mind here . The best time to visit here is during the monsoon season.

Babington point

To show the beautiful view of the Babington point.

If you don’t visit Babington point , I can say that the tour to Mahabaleshwar is incomplete. One of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar holds quite attractive views. The Babington point is heaven for photographers . It’s mostly famous among tourists because of its undisputed beauty and its calmness . The point is also famous for the variety of birds that you can view there . I recommend you to visit there in monsoons. 

Wilson point of sunrise

To show the Wilson point of sunrise

Everyone needs a new day to start new things and the new day arrives by the sunrise. Wilson Point is the highest point inMahabaleshwar and that’s why the view of sunrise that you get from here is adorable . There are some stone watch towers from where you get beautiful views of Mahabaleshwar, and to witness the sunrise as it emerges from the horizon. The best time to visit here is monsoon or winter .

Sunset point

To show the sunset point of Mahabaleshwar .

We all have taught in schools that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Not even sunrise but a sunset can give us a more beautiful view of Mahabaleshwar . The view from this point is majestic and relaxing. You can also enjoy the horse riding and many other games at this place. The place is generally crowded with tourists and locals . 

Hey so what are you waiting for just pack your bags and get into one of the best hill stations of India and do have a visit to all of the above mentioned places. But remember your health is always most precious to us so follow all the guidelines implemented by the government . And maybe due to the increasing number of cases of corona some of these places might be restricted by the government of India .