Ganpati Bappa mourya Mangal Murti morya “

It’s not a line it’s an emotion of everyone. Each of us had heard the voice of people saying this during GANESH CHATURTHI . 

To show the long idol of lord ganesha
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GANESH CHATURTHI also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is a festival celebrated all around the world . It’s a 10 day festival which starts from welcoming GANPATI Bappa to home and ends on taking GANPATI bappa for visarjan . In all these 10 days people worship lord GANESHA with full devotion . 

To show the creativity of people in makon idol of lord ganesha
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GANESH CHATURTHI is a  festival celebrated by Hindus on the arrival of lord GANESHA on earth from kailash parvat . People install GANESH clay idols privately in homes and worship them . The festival celebrates the birth of LORD GANESHA who is the son of LORD SHIVA and GODDESS PARVATI.

Let’s take a major look at the top ten major cities of India where GANESH CHATURTHI is celebrate on a high scales .


The presence of people during ganesh chaturthi
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Ale re ale Ganpat bappa alee ” , this line is really love . Undoubtedly GANESH CHATURTHI is one of the biggest and grandest festivals celebrated in mumbai . The Mumbaikars decorate their houses , do prayers and decorate their idols at home . It’s also celebrated as a society event . Groups of people collect funds and bring along idol of lord GANESHA and organise a grand ganesha pooja . They pray to lord GANESHA for the well being of their family . The Marathas consider LORD GANESHA as their Family God and celebrate the festival at a very large scale . 

Pandals : Lalbaugcha Raja, Siddivinayak Temple, Mumbaicha Raja, and KhetwadiGanraj. 


To show the presence of people during visarjan
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For more than a century, the GANPATI celebration has been praised in Pune. GANESH CHATURTHI is celebrated on a very large scale and is known as one of the best cities to celebrate GANESH CHATURTHI in India . It’s the most  happy occasion in the strict, social, and public activity of Pune . It lasts for ten days . On these days people worship lord GANESHA with full devotion and the loud sounds of dhol will make you dance even if you don’t know the ABCD of dance.  Kasba Ganpati is one of the biggest pandal in Pune .


To show the large idol of lord ganesha
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Hyderabad is one of the best places to seek the blessings of LORD GANESHA and witness the culture of ganesh chaturthi in india. Khairatabad in Hyderabad hosts one of the largest idol of LORD GANESHA in the whole country . The idols of LORD GANESHA are took to the Hussain Sagar Lake for visarjan in Hyderabad . Hyderabad approximately hosts more than 75000 pandals during ganesh chaturthi . 

Pandals : Khairatabad, Kamalanagar Balapur, Chaitanyapuri, Durgam Cheruvu, New Nagole and Gowlipura. 


People taking idol for visarjan
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The people of goa will always have a special place for ganesh chaturthi in their hearts . GANESH CHATURTHI is one of the most likely festivals celebrated by goans . They make idols of different shapes and sizes by using arecanut, cane, coconut, and bamboo which shows their creativity and their devotion for LORD GANESHA . Marcela is one of the villages where Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated the most . The people are very devotee to LORD GANESHA and celebrate the festival at a very large scale .

Pandals : There are a lot of pandals but you can witness the best in Marcel & Cumbarjua .


Large crowd of people accompaining Ganesh chaturthi
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Located in Ratnagiri, ganapatipule is a small town on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra . The name of the town itself depicts the devotion of people towards LORD GANPATI . SWAYAMBHU GANPATI TEMPLE is a 400 year old temple located at the Ganapatipule beach. It’s a major tourist attraction and attracts tourists and devotes from all over the world . The temple is known for its exceptional Ganesha icon based on pule or white sand. The temple is the main gathering for people during Ganesh chaturthi , people carry the idol of lord Ganesha on their shoulders accompanied by a priest and a drummer . 


To show the idol of lord ganesha in village
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Located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Kanipakam village is generally famous for its Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, also called Kanipakam Temple. It’s said that the size of the idol of LORD GANESHA is increasing .  Chola king in 11tg century built the temple .The temple has an uncommon self-showed symbol of lord Ganesha. Here the annual festival is held for 21 days starting by vinayak chaturthi . The festival is also accompanied by the people of nearby villages . It’s a very colourful festival , as the idol is took out and everyone takes blessings . 


Show the idol in Bangalore
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One of the best cities where the ganesh chaturthi is celebrate on a large scale . The festival in Bangalore is very beautiful as it’s accompanied by the priests . Panchamukha Heramba Ganapati temple, Ananth Nagar Ganapati temple, and Shri Jambu Ganapati temple are the three main Temples of lord ganesha in bangalore . The visarjan ceremony is takes place in Ulsoor lake and Sankey tank. Ganesh chaturthi is one of the greatest festivals of Bangalore.


Beautiful idol of lord ganesha
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Located at East Fort in the heart of     Thiruvananthapuram City, the Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapathy temple is one of the biggest temples of lord Ganesha. The temple has 32 different sculptures of LORD GANESHA . GANESH chaturthi is one of the biggest festivals celebrate here . Taking care of nature , the people make the idols of lord Ganesha by eco friendly manners . The visarjan ceremony of LORD GANESHA takes place at Shankumugham beach. The singing and dancing of people make it a memorable moment . 


Taking lord ganesha for visarjan
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Like in Mumbai, GANESH CHATURTHI is also a big festival in Chennai with fervour and zeal. On the very first day of this festival, people bring the idol of lord Ganesh  at their home or publicly on elaborate pandals. They are worship every morning and evening on these ten days. They show their level of creativity by making idol of LORD GANESHA using bamboo . Several sweets are prepare like MODAKS as it is believe to be a favourite of LORD GANESHA. In addition to this, KARINJIS (similar to MODAKS but in the shape of a crescent moon) and ladoos.


The gold colour idol of lord Ganesha
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Diveagar is a small village located in Raigad, Maharashtra. Suvarna GANESHA temple is a 300 years old temple located in the village . The temple and the village is famous for its Ganesh CHATURTHI celebrations. Many people visit there to see the beautiful festival . The temple contain a GOLD idol of lord ganesha weighing 1.5 kg . However it was stolen by some thieves in 2012 . The silver idol of lord Ganesha took its place .

It doesn’t matter if the idol of lord ganesha is of GOLD or SILVER or clay , lord ganesha is in our hearts not in an idol . 

As we all know dur to covid 19 the government has put many restrictions on celebrating ganpati. The pandemic has a large influence today as it’s spreading rapidly and the number of cases are increasing day by day . I want that you all should take ganpati bappa home and pray for the well being of you and your family . As I said, ganpati bappa is in our heart not in idols . 

             ” Ganpati bappa mourya”


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