Jammu the city of temples is famous for its beautiful destinations like Vaishno Devi, Hari palace, Bahu fort, Manda zoo, and many more are surrounded by a lot of restaurants.

To show the beautiful hari palace of jammu .
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Apart from these beautiful destinations the city of temples also serves the pilgrims who are traveling to places like Vaishno Devi Temple, Amarnath Cave Temple with tasty Vaishno food. A lot of bandaras are done in Jammu for Yatris where they are served free and tasty food. 

To show the people having food along the bandaras .
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The city of temples is filled with beautiful destinations, Temples, and a lot of foodie destinations. Talking about food, Jammu has a variety of restaurants where you can eat a large variety of both veg and non-veg food at a budgeted price. 

Top 11 restaurants in jammu 

The city of the temple is popular for its food and for its picturesque perspectives and all-encompassing scenes. You can find almost all varieties of food from famous Chinese Hakka noodles to the best Kashmiri dum aloo in Jammu at very pocket-friendly prices.

To show the famous kashmiri dish dum aloo
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So pack your bags, visit the city of temples and taste the food of all the famous restaurants. Let’s now have a look at all these restaurants :


Tasty chole bhature
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Pahalwan in Gole market Gandhinagar is one of the best restaurants in Jammu. It serves tasty vegetarian dishes prepared with love and full care. The restaurant follows proper hygiene and the sweets of pahalwan are famous all around Jammu. They make it with pure ghee, the prices are a bit high but the quality is adorable. The staff is also very good. 

Special dishes : pav bhaji , chole bhature , kulcha 

Beverage : lassi 

Timing : 7:30am–9:45pm


To show famous dish of Punjab , kulcha .
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Want to taste one of the best dishes of Punjab in Jammu? Then you are at the right place. The  Amritsari kulcha hut located in Resham Ghar Colony, Jammu is a very famous restaurant. Known by the name the hut is famous for its amritsari kulcha with tasty chana , raita and onion salad  and many more items . It serves the best naan and kulcha in the whole jammu .The sliding butter on the kulcha makes it more attractive and tasty .

Special dishes : kulchas and naan .

Beverage : lassi 

Timing : 8:00am-8:00pm


To show the tasty dal makhani with naan .
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The name of the restaurant directly tells us about its food varieties and best quality. Khana khazana located in B.C. Road, Near Bus Stand, Jammu is totally a real khazana of food, you will find a variety of food to eat there north Indian south Indian, Chinese and many more. You will find that you have visited another world from a noisy bus stand to a beautiful restaurant. You can visit here for family occasions, birthday parties and get together and also on a date with your loved ones. 

Special dish – dal makhani butter paratha 

Desert : Kashmiri kheer 

Timing : 11am–11pm


To show the famous dish rajma rice .
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The balgotra Vaishno restaurant in Jammu serves the quality of tasty food. located in gumat chowk near hotel Broadway, it’s another place where you can taste the famous parathas of Jammu. Balgotra Vaishno restaurant is a full veg restaurant with a number of dishes that you can taste and adore. 

Speciality : North Indian food

Timing : 7am–11pm


To show the tasty dal tadka .
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Nathus rasoi is one of the best places in Jammu where you can eat the best food at such a low price. It provides a large variety of tasty food at such a low budget that you are gonna get a fan of it. They also provide many delicious appetizers in a very unique way 

Special dish : dal tadka 

Timing : 12:00 Noon to 10:00 PM


To show tasty momos .
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“Chal mama Chalte hai “is the line you will hear from every student studying in Aakash, VMC(Vidhya Mandir classes) in Jammu. Located in Gandhi Nagar Jammu, Mama is not just a restaurant it’s an emotion for every student. You will find a large variety of momos here with such a good taste that if you hate momos you are surely gonna start loving it.

Special dish : non veg  Momos 

Timing : 1–10:30pm


To show tasty chicken soup .
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Located at Rehari Road Rehari Colony Jammu, the Punjabi brothers is one of the best places to eat street food in Jammu. Punjabi brothers is famous for its non-veg dishes like tandoori chicken, momos, chicken soup, and many more at a low cost. They provide a quite good and fast service to their customers and are rated 4star by the people. 

Special dish : tandoori momos and chicken soup 

Timing : 1–10:30pm


To show tasty tandoori chicken.
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Billu the hatti is one of the best restaurants to serve non-veg food in Jammu. Located in residency road, Billu di hatti serves a variety of non-veg food to the customers with such a great taste. There is always a long queue to stand for your order, the long queue justifies the quality and taste of food that they serve to their customers.

Special dish : tandoori chicken and  kashmiri kebab. 

Timing : 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM


To show tasty kashmiri cuisine.
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Located in one of the best and oldest luxury hotels in Jammu, AHDOOS is generally known for its delicious Kashmiri cuisine. The AHDOOS is a complete place to visit with family and have dinner there. Not just food, you will taste the great vibe of the beautiful Jammu and Kashmir. The hospitality they provide is also great. 

Special dish : kashmiri cuisine

Timing : 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM


To show tasty rista
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One of the finest places in Jammu to taste the Kashmiri food along with the vibe of Jammu and Kashmir. Mughal darbar is famous for its tasty and finger-licking Kashmiri food. They cook almost all types of Kashmiri food and they provide a great service to their customers.

Special dish : Rista (a famous kashmiri dish)

Timing : 11am–9pm


To show tasty kashmiri wazwan.
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A restaurant that can’t be described in words! Zaika restaurant located in Krishna Market, Sec 3 Extension, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu is another great example of Kashmiri culture and food in Jammu. They provide a lot of delicious varieties to their customers and also the staff is very professional. Zaika is a restaurant where you must visit to taste authentic Kashmiri food.

Special dish : kashmiri wazwan 

Timing : 11am–11pm

There are many more restaurants in Jammu where you can taste the best food and adore it .