Golden Temple also called as Sri Harmandir Sahib (house of God) is a Gurdwara in Amritsar, Punjab ,India. The Gurudwara is affiliate to Sikhism . It shows the real beauty of sikhs and their culture . 

To show the beautiful golden temple .
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Golden temple is truly a mesmerizing place. The chanting of the prayers while watching the shining of the Golden Temple makes everyone calm .

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Here are some of the facts you should know about Golden Temple:


To show the foundation of golden temple .
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After the completion of sarovar (man made pool around golden temple ) in 1577 by the fourth guru of sikhism ,Guru Ram Das . The fifth guru of sikhism , Guru Arjan  requested Sai Mir Mian Mohammed, a Muslim saint of Lahore, to lay its foundation stone in 1589. Guru Arjan in 1604 placed a copy of the Adi Granth in Harmandir Sahib . The Gurdwara was repeatedly built while it became a target of maltreatment and was attacked several times by the Mughal and afgan armies. 


To show the world record of golden temple
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A place where everyone from any state, any country wants to visit in Amritsar is  the Golden temple. The golden temple has been certified as the most visited religious place by the world book of records . According to the reports a total of footfall in golden temple is 1.50 -2 lakh (on weekends and religious occasions ) and almost one lakh people visit the golden temple daily (week days).


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A holy place where everyone who believes in God visits can never have religious restrictions. In Fact no religious place has any religious restrictions because God is one with different names. Irrespective of religion everyone visits there and pays their obeisance to God .


To show the sacred pond around golden temple.
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The golden temple is surrounded by an artificial sacred pond also known as sarovar. The sarovar was completed in 1577 by the fourth guru of sikhism , Guru Ram das. The city Amritsar got its name from the sarovar. Where ‘Amrit‘ means nectar of immortality and ‘sar’ means sarovar. The sarovar is about 5.1m deep and has a capacity of about 31000 gallons . 


Show people serving langar in golden Temple dining hall
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The community kitchen and feasting place in golden temple is the biggest free kitchen on the planet . The tradition of langar is from the time of guru nanak who started this tradition in 1481. A survey conducted said that about 75,000 devotees eat the tasty langar everyday . The langar is serve at all gurudwara’s in the whole world. While a large number of volunteers visit the kitchen to take part in the cooking process .


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A military operation code named as operation bluestar , between 1 to 8 June in 1984 to kill militant sikh leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his supporters from the golden temple .Indira Gandhi ordered the army to launch Operation Blue Star . On 31 October 1984 Indira Gandhi assassinated in a act of revenge by her sikh bodyguards .


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Its the question that everyone of us got in our minds  ” How did Harmandar sahib get its name as golden temple “? 

While Afghans and Mughals destroyed the Harmandir sahib a numerous times . Maharaja Ranjit Singh after building the Sikh empire rebuild it in 1809 with marble and copper.  In 1830 the sanctum was covered with gold foil . This led to its name as Golden Temple .


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The golden temple is a fine example of Indo-Islamic Mughal architecture and the Hindu Rajput architecture. The Golden Temple, was started to be built in 1581 and completed after 8 years in 1589 . While in 1604 Adi Granth placed there . The golden temple is a two-storied structure. The upper level of Golden Temple is of gold while the lower level is of marble.

I recommend you to visit Golden Temple at night and see the incredible beautiful view .

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