Its true that if there are good souls then there are bad souls ,If there are god’s then there are Asuras . Even our holy books say the same thing .

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Rajasthan , a state full of adventure , royal destinations , ancient forts and many more is a very famous tourist destination but every tourist destination has some limitations, some due to their climates and other conditions and some due to supernatural power . 

To show the presence of ghost
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Rajasthan has a very captivating past .Its history has always been telling us about royal kings, their forts etc but apart from this Rajasthan also has some haunted places where it’s believed that supernatural power exists . In the event that you have that nerve to keep your body and soul together, look down to experience the top six haunted places in Rajasthan .


Showing the Bhangarh fort of rajasthan
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Bhangarh fort is not just a tourist spot but also a haunted place. That’s the reason why the entry in the fort after 6:00  is not allowed . According to the people the fort has experienced the incident like shouting , sound of breaking bangles , women crying . You can visit there but make sure to leave before 6pm. Maybe you can be the next target of the ghost . Just kidding !

INCIDENT :A boy decided to visit the fort during the night with lighting equipment but fell in a steep well located in the middle of the fortIn spite of the fact that he was safeguarded promptly by his companions . while he was being hurried to the clinic, the vehicle got squashed in a mishap and every one of the three died on the spot . The incident is really horrifying. 


To show the buildings of Kuldhara Village
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Kuldhara village is one of the most haunted villages of Rajasthan . The village has a very strange story that no-one believes but the incidents prove it to be a haunted village . It is said that the village was cursed when the villagers left the place in the 1800s because a minister forcefully wanted to marry a village girl .

INCIDENT : The place has been checked by the paranormal experts of Delhi . and the ghost-box have recorded voices of the dead villagers revealing their names .


Haunted NAHARGARH fort
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Nahargarh Fort staying on the edge of the Aravalli Hills, over the city jaipur is one of the most haunted fort in rajasthan . Once the fort formed a strong defence for the city but it’s horror stories will definitely scare you . It’s said that the king built this fort for his queens that even after his death the fort is haunted by ghosts .

INCIDENT : we all know that there is a need to renovate the old monuments to keep their presence alive . But the owner of the restoration organization was found dead in mysterious conditions .


Show the haunted Rana kumbha palace .
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The historic palace of chittorgarh is a place where you will definitely meet the ghost . The film Padmavat showed how Alauddin Khilji attacked the palace and Maharani padmavati  performed the self-immolation with 700 ladies after which numerous incidents had happened where people heard the screams of women asking them to save their empire .

INCIDENT : Around two years back a gathering of companions remained back in the stronghold to watch any paranormal exercises. While exploring the fort one of them heard a woman’s voice asking him to save their empire . When they turned around they saw a lady standing with a burnt face in royal attire.


To show the presence of ghost in highway
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The highways have always been popular for their ghost stories. Ajmer-Udaipur highway is one of the most haunted places in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Village named dudu village near the highway has a very scary past . Its said that a 5 year old girl , going to get marry with a 3 year old infant but the mother was against the marriage and she ran away for help and both of them were killed instantly  as the foreign tourist vehicle hit them .

INCIDENT : A group of people while travelling through the highway saw the ghost of a lady carrying a baby in her arms . She entered the car and sat in the back seat and guided them out of the village . The incident lasted for about 20 minutes which still haunts them .


Show the witches caught on camera
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 Also known as the home of witches. The place has a really haunted vibe that will scare you from inside and outside . This is one of the most terrifying places of Rajasthan . It’s said that the greedy king of Jagatpura was cursed by the villagers while dying . The souls of those villagers still ask for help.

INCIDENT : the people living in jagatpura have seen witches around Jagatpura . The witches really look horrible just like the Indian classical stories .

Everyone of us have a passion inside to visit different  places, meet different people and want to be adventurous . But it’s advisable to drop by these locations while visiting the incredible beauty of Rajasthan .


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