River is flowing in between the mountains

“Some cities I will remember like some  stories that were finished  waiting for me to read them

some places  I will be revisiting and reliving the moment  to breathe again”.

River Ganga flowing through rishikesh
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Let me  take you  to the city full of calmness , adventures and many more. Rishikesh is a complete package of best holiday destination in India . Its an awesome place and have many

  • Temples and ashrams 
  • Yoga and meditation centers
  • Adventures places
A viev of rishikesh surrounded by mountains
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Rishikesh is a attractive tourist destination because it has a number of places where you can spend your time and get a peaceful mind set . It will help you in every stage of your life 


A bridge over river Ganga
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Come to the place having unbelievable calmness, Lakshman jhula . This is an iconic bridge above the Ganges at Rishikesh and It is definitely the main attraction of the town. This steel bridge is in the heart of the town. Its a great place to take memorable pictures with the incredible beauty of flowing Ganges .Its also a pretty cool destination for river rafting on the bed of river Ganga . The market around it offers variety of products , food and much more .


A bridge
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Its true that everyone doesn’t like calmness ,some also like to stay in crowd and enjoy moments . This mesmerising  place is for them . The Ram jhula is a  bridge across the holy river. Its narrow and beautiful for pedestrian crossing from the west to eastern ghat . The view of the bridge is unexpectedly beautiful at night . I personally suggest you  to visit it at night . The place has its own charm . There is a great experience when the wind crosses and  bridge moves and you can feel the unexpected adventures feeling .


Pandits performing aarti
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The largest  and highly known  ghat in rishikesh . It gives an awesome riverfront site for spiritual activities. Mostly the ghat is overcrowded with devotee to take ritual baths to get cleansed from their sins .Its a very refreshing place . The aarti in Triveni ghat is beautiful to watch and  soothling, infact I am not a spiritual person but chanting from all pandits made me love ganga river as a result I started believing in spiritual world and also there is a fabolous walk away made ,people go for walks and enjoy the nature .


Trees and plants in the bhawan
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What a peacefull place to stay ?  The Gita Bhawan is really awesome place to stay ,its located near Ram Jhula. Having such  a very peacefull nature , the Gita Bhawan will make you  fully calm person . Its an awesome place to stay with family also the food is very good and fully vegetarian. It has about 1000 rooms and several halls . The book shop in the Geeta bhawan contains various religious and spiritual books listing Ramayana ,Ramcharitmanas, Bhagaved geeta .etc.at a very reasonable price.


People sitting and meditating inside the ashram
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What a calm place it is ,the sivananda ashram . This famous ashram was founded by Swami sivananda in rishikesh . There are very rare ashrams which are authentic and do not sell yoga in Rishikesh and it’s one of them . This place is generally for those people who are intrested in spiritual life and meditation . Its a very good place for meditation and self interrogation. There is also a 2 month yoga Vedanta course which can change your life .I personally recommend you to visit here if you want to find the true meaning of life.


People enjoying river rafting
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What an adventure ,The best experience I could ever had in Rishikesh is because of river rafting .The thrill that river rafting give us is unexpectedly awesome . There’s alot of security ,rules so that no-one can get hurt and enjoy a lot .theres also a system of eating and drinking there . If you are an adventures person , I personally recommend you to do river rafting and cliff jump, it will give you a great adventure . In the same way the people who take you to the river rafting and other adventurous places are well trained and experienced .


A statue Lord Shiva meditating above river Ganga
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I am sure If you visit here you will be blessed with lord Shiva and all positive vibes , its just you have to put some efforts to visit there but the efforts are worth after seeing that pleasant face of lord Shiva . In rainy season the ferocious Ganges flows around the Lord Shiva statue. Its an best destination for photoholic people ,people love taking pictures of meditating lord shiva over river Ganges. It is a very devotional place as a result now I am fully devoted to this place .