6 Best Places In Shimla That Every Tourist Must Visit

Shimla is one of the most beautiful cities  of northern region of India. It is also the capital of the largest  city of India Himachal Pradesh. The winters are cool ,the average temperature in winters is about 7°C while the summers are moderately hot i.e. about 22°C. The elevation is about 2276m . Shimla has generally heavy snowfall .

Shimla has many tourist attractions which makes it a beautiful town and the snowy mountains gives the attractive look. It’s also famous for its handicraft works .Shimla is a very popular holiday -retreat and also it’s a famous holiday spot for honeymoon. The best places to stay in Shimla are ridge and Mall road as they are middle of the city and easily accessible.

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Mall road

The main Street in Shimla is Mall road . It was constructed by the Britishers during the British colonial rule . Its located a level down the ridge .The main offices like municipal corporation , fire service ,police station are located there . The automobiles are restrict there except the emergency vehicles . It is famous for its handicraft works  like designing  woolen clothes, branded clothes, pottery items, wooden products, and jewellery . The main attraction of Mall road are scandal point ( Mall road joins Ridge road on the west side) ,Gaiety theatre ( built on 30th May 1887) Kali bari temple ( on 1845 by Bengalis) Townhall (in 1908 currently the centre of municipal corporation).

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The Ridge

It is Located in the heart of the British Summer Capital – Shimla . The Ridge is a broad paved pedestrian that renders a fascinating view of the snow-capped mountain ranges against the orangish hued sky . The road is neatly overlooked and full of shops. The ridge is the most well-known place in Shimla lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, and boutiques. The place is always bustling with people, tourists and the whole area has a beautiful vacation atmosphere with pines, Himalayan oaks, horse rides, balloons and snacks, a beautiful place for families picnicking. It is the key platform for all the events and celebrations in Shimla. The Ridge presents a romantic arrangement of nature, lovely sunrises breezy twilights and chilly cold nights. Shimla’s rich past is apparent from the Gothic constructions standing in this part of the town.

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Christ church

Being one of the oldest churches in India, Christ church  is a site of pure devotion and architectural beauty. Its stunning location makes it the most popular landmark in Shimla. The five stained glass windows which are of absolute beauty depict faith, hope,charity, patience, humanity, and fortitude. It prospers as one of the most prominent landmarks with its neo-Gothic style of architecture. Built by the British on January 1857 to serve the large Anglican British community stands out with its grandeur as a reminder of the British colonization in India. A pipe organ was established in 1899 which is the biggest in Indian subcontinent. The church glows when lighted up at night, while in winters it slips on the look of a magnificent castle. The church also comprises the glorious paintings that portrays scenes from Jesus Christ’s lives.

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Jakhoo temple

Jakhoo temple is an ancient temple of lord Hanuman at Jakhu hill of Shimla. According to the Hindu mythology hanuman stopped at the jakhoo hill while searching for the Sanjeevani booti to revive lakshmana . Jakhu hill is the highest peak of shimla about 2455 m above sea level . The temple is affiliate to Hinduism . A giant 108-feet-high idol of Lord Hanuman built at Jakhoo Hanuman temple on 4 November 2010 is the main attraction of temple . A big festival takes place each year at Dusshera . The temple is easily accessible and you can reach there by foot ,horse ,taxi  or ropeway .The ropeway links the central Shimla to the temple .

Rashtrapati Niwas

The Rashtrapati Niwas  formerly known as Viceregal Lodge, is located on the  Hills of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. It was formally the residence of British vicory of India.It tells about the some of the most ancient articles and photographs  of the British rule in India. The architecture style is jacobethan . The ministry of education has owned Rashtrapati niwas .The overall cost of the lodge was about  Rs  38 lakhs . At that time it covered an area of 331 acres but today the area has been reduced to 110 acresThe building is of light blue-grey stone masonry with tiled pitch roofing ,the interior of main building elaborate the wodden work

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State Museum

The history of the museum takes to the colonial times. It was a private residence of lord William Beresford(the Military Secretary to the then Vicero . After the independence it served as a residence to government officials. On January 26, 1974 it begin as a museum to preserve the historical items of himachal Pradesh . The museum has a big collection of ancient historical sculptures, coins, paintings and photographs.it also have a library which has about 10k books ,journals , magazine. Sculpture gallery has metal, wooden and stone sculptures. In the painting section, manypaintings like Pahari and Rajasthani Miniature Painting, religious paintings, contemporary and Mughal paintings have been put on high display . The visiting hours are 10 a.m. to 5p.m and its open all days except Mondays and public holidays . For Indians the entry fees is R.s 10 while for foreigners it’s Rs 50.

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