Top 8 reasons to visit Kashmir – the paradise on earth

Kashmir also known as paradise on Earth . The union territory  Jammu and Kashmir lies in the himalayan region in north india .There are many tourists places in  Kashmir where every one wants to visit to see its beauty and admire its beauty .Kashmir is the original pride of Kashmiri people and Hindus  .The valley is full of mighty snowy mountains and greenery , also their is an abundant growth of Almond, cherry, apples, strawberries etc the elevation is about 1585m.The average winter temperature is 3.2°C and about summers it’s 23.3°C. The kashmir is famous for its gardens, lakes and snowy peaks.

The paradise on Earth

Gulmarg (The Meadow Of Flowers)

Gulmarg is one of the best towns to visit in Baramulla district of  Indian union territory Jammu and Kashmir . Its a big tourist spot and its beauty is admired by the whole world. Gulmarg is a hill station ,its also a perfect skiing destination. Gulmarg is high elevated (2650m).  Due to its high elevation there is heavy snowfall in winters and in summers there is moderate temperature while the other seasons are relatively cool . Gulmarg is also the 7th best ski destination of Asia. The beauty of Gulmarg is praise by many bollywood films like BOBBY, JAB TAK HAI JAAN ,PHANTOM, HIGHWAY etc . Also there is a temple namely Maharani temple which was built by Maharaja Hari Singh for his wife Maharani Mohini Bhai Sisodia.


Pahalgam is a tourist town located in the Anantnag district of union territory Jammu and Kashmir . Its a tourist spot, tourists visit to pahalgam to see it’s beauty and its simplicity. The official speaking language in the town is urdu while as the local language is Kashmiri. There is heavy snowfall in winters while as the summers are comparely hot . It is administrate by the pahalgam development authority which is lead by their chief executive officers . There is a large variety of flora and fauna in pahalgam like Indigofera heterantha, Viburnum spp, Sorbaria tomentosa . and also many rare and endangered species are found like musk deer, serow, brown bear, Leopard, rhesus macaque, grey langur, Himalayan mouse hare etc.

Kheer Bhawani Temple(tulmulla)

 Kheer bhawani is one of the most worship temples of kashmir in tulmulla ganderbal of kashmir over a sacred spring  . It is situate about 14 miles away from Srinagar. The kheer bhawani temple of kashmir is dedicate to Goddess Maharagnya Bhagwati. For Kashmiri pandits it’s the most worshipped temple . The area around the temple is cover by beautiful stones .The holy spring water changes its colour occassionally from red, pink, orange, green, blue, white . Swami Vivekananda once visit this temple and noticed the colour change.


Dal lake

Dal is an urban lake in Srinagar . Its the second largest lake in union territory Jammu and Kashmir . One thing it is famous for is charchinari which is located in between of the lake . The name charchinari as there are four Chinar trees in the park at the center of the lake .The beauty of the lake attracts tourist the most . Its a warm monomictic lake . The lake approximately covers the area of 18  The elevation of the lake is 1583 m and the depth varies from 6m to 2.5m. The deepest end lies at nigeen while as the shallow end lies at gagribal. For tourists stay many housboats are available at the lake and also to roam around many boats like shikara , motor boat etc. are available there. 

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Chashme Shahi

Chashme shahi is one of the beautiful Mughal garden in Kashmir . It was built on the order of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a gift for his elder son prince Dara shikoh by Ali Mardan Khan in 1632 AD . Also it is the smallest garden amongst the three Mughal garden i.e Nishant garden , shalimar garden. It is located well at a height above the city. This garden is mainly famous for its water spring. It is divide into three parts i.e. an aqueduct, waterfall, and fountains. Water originates from the top of the kashmiri hut situated at the first terrace of the garden and flows down , reaching to the second terrace of the garden flowing through the water ramp and meeting fountain at its centre. Except the water, it is also famous for its beautiful garden.

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Sonmarg(meadow of gold )

Sonmarg is a hill station located at ganderbal district of union territory Jammu and Kashmir . It is also call as a meadow of gold due to the presence of beautiful snow clad peaks ,glaciers etc. It is having an elevation of about 2800m. The average temperature in Sonmarg is about 6.5°C. It is a popular tourist destination. There is a heavy snowfall in winters . Sonmarg was also a gate way on ancient silk road ,also there is a base camp for ladakh which is very important for the army for saving ladakh . Sonmarg is also a route to Amarnath cave and is famous for its trout fishing. 

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Shalimar garden (crown of Srinagar )

Shalimar garden is a beautiful Mughal garden design and founded by the great Jahangir in 1619 A.D . Its located at Srinagar ,Jammu and Kashmir .Also from there, a pretty view of dal lake is visible as its linked at the north east of dal lake . It is a well decorate and maintain garden . The fountain showers a sweet stream of water.  Also the environment has a different breeze which can calm one’s mind . Shalimaar garden is pretty big with area of 31 acres . Its operated by the Jammu and Kashmir tourist department .

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Amarnath cave temple

Amarnath cave temple is one of the most beautiful and religious temple of lord Shiva in Anantnag district of union territory Jammu and Kashmir. For tourist stay , tents are available their to hire for a small fee near base of imposing Amarnath Cave. People travel by  foot, either from Srinagar or from Pahalgam. . Also due to many threats every year , many armed forces are on high alert for the security of pilgrims . Inside the 40m high cave,  a stalagmite is create of freeze water drops that fall from the roof of the cave. Also there is a belief that at this place lord shiva tell the auspicious secret of life to Goddess Parvati. 

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